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March 2011

California Parents – Prepare for Difficulties of Parenting Boys

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Parenting is not easy at all, but many parents from California say that parenting boys is even tougher than raising a girl, especially when they get older. Perhaps some of the parents with daughters will not agree with them, but, tougher or not, there are certainly some differences. Parents do not make these differences when they choose toys depending on sex of a baby, or blue and red pajamas. Dissimilarities shown in an early age of infants create the need that we have to raise our sons and daughters differently.

Generally, baby boys are medically more fragile that baby girls, so they may need more attention. They are also often much harder to calm down when they are stressed. On the contrary to this, as many parents are afraid that their son may not be tough enough and they will become “mama boys”, baby sons may experience less of emotional support, which can even affect their intellectual development. Therefore, parents should not be afraid of cuddling sons as well as daughters.

As our boys are getting little older, they begin to show violent behavior. Girls do that too, only they tend to stop sooner. Study shows that parents from California are more tolerate to boys than to girls, as that boys are expected to behave like this. Yes, men are a stronger sex, but that does not mean that your son should be proving that since he is three. If you are not careful and don’t stop this kind of behavior on time, instead of a strong man your son may grow up to be a violent men.

When your boy gets to preschool age, his imagination will run wild. Sometimes you probably won’t understand a word he is saying, when he tries to explain you something. They can create entire world of their own, and it may be very hard for you to enter. This is the world of magic, monsters, robots, super heroes… Do not try to break this world, just stand and watch, as it can be very fun, and don’t worry, in time your son will be able to understand the difference between the real and his imagination world.

This is also the time when your son will start choosing friends. Don’t be surprised or worried if he only pick other boys for friends. Nobody knows why, but this is entirely normal. Boys just think that other boys are more interesting than girls are. They tend to play in large groups and are more attracted to outdoors.

Your son won’t avoid girls forever. When he enters a preteen age and puberty, he will start noticing major differences between girls and boys, so this is the time for “the talk”. He has to know what puberty is even before it hits him, to avoid confusions and problems. If there are difficulties, especially with single mothers, parents can seek for help from sex educators.

Teen age is probably the biggest reason why some California parents think that parenting boys is harder. This is the time that you will probably not even recognize your sweet little boy one day, because of the change of appearance and attitude. His friends will become more important that his family and he will start spending hours in his room, as he will need to feel independent from you. This is also the time of increased sexualized feelings and that he will be embarrassed to discuss with you. It may be a good idea to find him a counselor until the time he is ready to open up to you. Staff