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April 2010

Bullying In Schools

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Bullying in schools is a very old problem, a problem old as schools themselves. So is that problem ever going to go away? We can only hope so for now, but we can’t just sit and watch it happen while hoping it will solve itself. But like with anything else, to change something and to try and make it better you first need to understand it, in this case that would require to understand teens in general, which is a very difficult task, but lets’ try and look at the bullying issue by itself.

Bullying in schools is mostly present in middle and in high school. Unfortunately statistics show that 20% of students are either being bullies or they are bullies, so the chances are that one out of 5 children will be either a victim or will make someone a victim. And you also need to be aware of the fact that teenage bullying isn’t something that will just go away with age, yes some of the kids mature and realize the errors of their deeds, but another sad truth is that 60% of the kids that did the bullying in schools will have a criminal record by the time they are 24. So this is a very important and troubling issue that we need to devote ourselves to. We don’t want our children to end up in such a state, nor do we want the kids to go though the experience of being bullied.
Some of you may have heard about Olweus bullying prevention program, for those that didn’t here is a simple fact that will clear some things for you. The schools that implemented the Olweus bullying prevention program saw a 50% drop of bullying incidents in just the first year. There are other anti bullying programs and associations, but this one showed the fastest results, so far it‘s going great and we keep our thumbs up that it will continue in that manner. But is there anything we can do at home?
I am sure that there isn’t a single parent that is just comfortable leaving all of this to the school, and they shouldn’t be, not because the school isn’t doing their best, but because they also need the help from parents. Studies long ago showed that bullying attitude is developed at home and not in school, so parents are the one most responsible. Positive parenting from a young age may cause a dramatic drop of bullying issues and in some cases stop bullying at all. You need to keep in mind that every child learns from their parents first and then from friends and teachers.

So don’t be one of those parents that blame everything on others, take responsibility before something happens and prevent it from happening by being a good parent that will serve as a role model. If all parents saw it like that bullying and many other problems would significantly drop. For now the best thing for you to do is educate yourself about teenage issues and troubles, when you get the knowledge you can implement it and watch your child develop into a responsible adult. Staff