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January 2010

Benefits of having a GPA calculator

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There are many benefits of having your own grade point average or GPA calculator. It is easy and cheap to get one because they are readily available online. Many colleges and universities have their own GPA calculators, but if it does not or if you are still in high school, some are available for sale and they will not cost you much.

One advantage of a GPA calculator is that it is easy to use – there is no excuse for not having one. The alternative would be doing your grade point average calculations manually. This would take a lot of time and energy. Another advantage of a GPA calculator is that it is accurate. This is because the program is pre-set. If you were to do the calculations manually, there is a risk of human error in the calculations and in some cases the formulas required would be too difficult for you. With a good GPA calculator, it is possible to calculate the GPA with as many as 50 courses.

GPA calculators are advantageous in that they help the university administration in the student selection process. If the GPA was to be calculated manually, this would take a lot of time, meaning the academic program would have to be delayed. Colleges and universities, especially the highly rated ones, deal with thousands of applications each year and these applications have to be processed quickly. If the GPA calculation was to be done manually, there is risk of errors – this would leave out otherwise eligible students.

A GPA calculator is important to those dealing with scholarships, student loans and grants, including the federal government through Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. There are thousands of applications for scholarships each year and there is need to process the applications in a timely and accurate manner – a GPA calculator is the best tool.

Note that most GPA calculators calculate GPA of all courses you take, but not remedial/developmental courses, continuing education courses, and non-degree credit courses. As an illustration of the importance of GPA calculators, in CofC, students that had taken courses in other eligible institutions can use the calculator to determine if they are eligible. Although the results are unofficial, it is correct if you have given accurate information. It is important to determine whether you are eligible in a certain institution to avoid wastage of time, energy, and resources applying for placement. You waste time since you will be applying and waiting for feedback from colleges or universities you have not qualified for – this time can be used applying to colleges or universities you have qualified for. You waste money because you will be filling application forms and going to colleges or universities that you are not even qualified for.

Other than determining whether you meet the eligibility requirements in the university or college of choice, a GPA calculator enables you to pick your major since you will be able to determine what you are good at, and it helps you determine what you need to meet your target – this can help you avoid academic probation. Staff