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February 2011

Becoming a Young Parent in Arkansas – Teen Problems

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As young people are getting more liberal, engaging in sex relationships during high school, it is no wonder that number of teenage parents is increasing. About 80 percent of those who will become young parents, did not plan this, and are totally unprepared.

Arkansas finds itself in to 5 of teen pregnancies, as more that 60 out of 1000 teen girls give birth every year. Abortion rate is low and a lot of pregnant girls decide to keep the baby. This decision in surely not easy one to make, and young parents need as much support as they can get. It is not easy being a parent – being a young parent is much, much harder.

Becoming a young parent will totally change your life, especially if this is unplanned. You will have to change most of your plans, perhaps forget about the dreams you had, at least for now. Because, there is one person now who totally depends on you and have to became more important to you then anything else.

There are many benefits of being young parent, too. They could relate better with their children, and be more understanding, because the experiences that their children are going through are still in fresh in the parent's mind. Playing games with their children is something that is more suitable to young parents, than the older ones.

Of course, being a young parent bears many problems, too. Statistic shows that most of young parents never finish college, or even high school, which can result in financial difficulties later. They will experience troubles in finding a secure and well-paying job, and can often depend on others.

Talking about jobs and money, many of the mistakes young parents make are money related. It is easy for the ones that come from reach families that want to help, but the ones that are on their own, financial problems can soon become major. Without savings and experience to deal with money shortage, they can find themselves in debts that they cannot pay of for years to come.

Young parent must set priorities. They probably will not be able to afford themselves things that their single friends have. This can lead to jealousy, or even regrets. They must understand that they have a child now, and its needs are greater then their own. And isn’t a baby something most precious we can have? Parents should not distance from old friends, but should also connect with others, both young and experience parents, for it will be much easier for them to overcome new challenges.
These challenges may be too much for a young parent to bear. Family, friends and partner support is of great importance. Also, there are many support organizations to turn to if additional help is needed. Staff