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November 2010

At Risk Teens – Treatment for Troubled Teens

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Troubled teenager is a phrase used to describe many types of issues teens face. A troubled teen or at risk teen can be anyone having to deal with learning disabilities, drug and alcohol abuse, anger issues, and almost anything you may think of regarding a teen issue that none of us would find positive.

So where do we get treatment for our troubled teens? Well it all depends on the issue of course; the first step would be to identify the problem and the cause of the problem, which in most cases would require a professional evaluation. Based on that evaluation your teen will be recommended a treatment for troubled teens that is well suited for the behavioral issue in question.

Specialty boarding schools are meant for teens dealing with various behavioral issues. Teens with learning disabilities, with emotional problems and social inability to adapt will greatly benefit from specialty boarding schools. They will learn there in a healthy and friendly environment how to deal with their issues through workshops, private and group therapy.

If it is a short term issue that may be dealt with using a direct approach the best possible course of action may be wilderness programs. These are good for regular kids that just seem to have lost their interest and faith in themselves. Teens go onto a wilderness trip for two or three weeks and in most cases they come back as they once were, vibrant, positive and full of life.

On the other hand if this is a hard behavior issue regarding discipline maybe boot camp is the best choice. Kids that enter a boot camp usually end up either regretting their previous decisions and go back willing to correct their mistakes out of fear that they will once again be sent to a boot camp or they embrace the hard boiled discipline.

There are also military schools, but military schools don’t deal with hard behavioral issues. These are not behavior modification programs or schools; they are a great place for slightly disoriented kids to learn discipline, structure and gain respect towards authority.

And if your teen has a drug abuse issue or alcohol abuse issue or even hard mental problems the best possible options are residential treatment centers.

There is a professional solution to any issue there is, especially for troubled teenagers. Treatment for troubled teenagers doesn’t necessarily have to end up in one of these places, it can be done at home, but only milder issues. After all, you wouldn’t want to risk your child’s well being. Staff