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March 2011

Approach to Parenting Your Teenager in Florida

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When a child gets to its teen years, it is probably the most difficult time in a life of a parent in Florida. Everything changes over night, and most parents are confused with the new situation in a family. Suddenly, your child got bigger, changed an appearance and behavior, doesn’t want to spend time with family, always complaining about something…

That is what being a teenager is really about – rebelling for no reasons. Teenagers are confused with the changes, too, so they need to find a way to go through them, and it usually does not involve parents. They would rather go through tough times alone then confine themselves to their parents. Sometimes it is because they are embarrassed, sometimes it is because they need to show that they are matured and independent.

Teenagers need their freedom even though they still very much depend on their parents. So, it your job to find a balance between making them feel independent and still have the control, while parenting your teenager in Florida. This not an easy task at all for any parent so you will probably need a lot of advising, perhaps even a professional counseling.

The main advice that any counselor will give is to raise your teenager with love and support. This means that you still need to show your love, no matter that they want to be left alone and won’t even hug you anymore. They will nag about it, for sure, but if you let them have it their way, you may create a side effect – your teen may think that you don’t care about him or her any more, and start behaving too independently.

Teens will drive you mad, that is a fact, even the best-behaved ones. There will be times when you won’t be able to spend an hour together, or even less, without a quarrel. Most of the times arguments will only be about some little things and you won’t even know what are you fighting about.

Give your best without getting angry, and calm yourself in this situation. Remember what it like was for you when you were at teen age. Every teen in a world is not satisfied with anything, and wishes everything were different: Their clothes, their skin, their hair, their parents and their life. So, instead of raising voice and make things worse, talk to your child calmly and try to show companion. Even if it doesn’t make things much better, it will not male them worse.

If you keep telling your child what to do and how to behave, in a form of order, they will feel that you still treat them as when they were little, and you don’t see them as adults, while they are hardly trying to achieve this. Instead, you should treat your teens like the individuals they are, ask them for their opinion firs and take your time to listen to them.

Parents should also stay active in their teen’s life and provide support as much as they can. Knowing that they have your support, teens will think situations through more clearly, won’t be under so much pressure and make fewer mistakes. Staff