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November 2007

Anxiety can damage your teenage kid

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There are many reasons why teenagers become extremely anxious, which could somehow ruin their lives. Most of the time, parents may overlook such a condition because they always ask, “What would be a good reason for a kid to have anxiety?” Think again. Teenagers have anxiety because of school, friends, family and even life as a whole. Teen anxiety may lead to depression, overeating, drugs/alcohol use, smoking  and even addiction.

As parents, you have the responsibility to notice signs that might trigger your teenager’s anxiety:

  • depression
  • anger
  • stress or fatigue
  • secretive behavior
  • changes in eating and sleeping habits
  • intense mood swings
  • obsessive or compulsive behavior
  • any form of substance abuse

Remember that not all teenagers can handle pressure or any stressful situations properly. When they tend to give up or make excuses, they might develop anxiety and eventually a bad behavior. Staff