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March 2010

Alternative for Troubled Teens

by Staff, on boarding school, boot camps, teen issues, teenager, troubled teens, wilderness camp

Teenagers who may be using drugs and alcohol, teens whose life has gotten out of control are what a troubled teen is all about. They are usually the teens who involved themselves in an activity that can ruin their lives or maybe ends it, without any hint from it. They usually join some gangs in school or outside school that later on they cannot get away from them. These teens usually break laws, rules and regulations by vandalizing walls, stealing things or abused other teens or people. These teens theoretically need help from a professional.

To help a troubled teen, immediate attention is what they need. If you see your child having this kind of behavior, it is a must that you seek professional advice and attention before the child gets out of control. Early treatment of this condition may put your child on the right track again.

One of the alternatives for the treatment of troubled teens is to enroll them to a school intended for this condition. These schools are usually a residential school full of psychiatric staff personnel to monitor each patient. The financial bill of this kind of school may or may not be covered by the insurances, so most of time the parents of the child usually pays from  $1500 to $9000 per month depending on the facilities that each schools offer.

A Boarding school is one of the schools intended for troubled teens, teens that require observation, supervision and monitoring 24 hours in 7 days a week. This kind of school is more specifically intended for teens that use drugs, teenage that run away from home. It is also good for teens who are depressed, anger problems and low-self esteem problems experience by most of teens.

The other school for troubled teens is what we call the Boot Camp which can either be private or a state operated camp. The difference between these two is that a private one only operates in a short periods of time. They try to treat the teen and get back to the right track in a short time possible that is why this camp is only for those teens with not complicated case. While a state operated camp are for those teens that requires correctional facility. Both the private and state operated camp is comparable to military training.

Other than the school mentioned above, you can also send your child to a wilderness camp. These camps are intended to help the teen in teaching how to handle responsibilities especially with their actions. The camp also teaches the teen some survival techniques and communication and relationship skills. It will also teach them on how to talk to other people and on how to have a good relationship with them and how to survive some obstacles in life.

A troubled teen’s condition varies from one case to another that is why type of treatment do varies also. From the presented alternatives you can still other places where you can put your child, to treat the situation and to put back the life of the patient on the right track. Furthermore, treatment depends on the condition of the child and how long the teen have been that way and what things the child is doing. But still whatever the condition is, early treatment is essential before it’s already too late. Staff