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January 2010

All about body mass calculators and how they works

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A body mass calculator, or a BMI calculator, calculates the body mass index, or the BMI. Body mass index is the ratio of your mass in kilograms to the square of your height in meters. Alternatively, you can get the BMI by dividing the weight in pounds by the height in inches squared and then multiplying this by 703. This is important for people in the United States where pounds, and not kilograms, are used. One use of body mass index is that it tells you if your weight is normal, if you are overweight, if you are obese, if you are morbidly obese, or if you have malnutrition.

The normal range is a BMI or 20-25. You are overweight if you are above 25 and you have malnutrition if you are below 20. If you are above 30, you are obese, and if you are above 40, you are morbidly obese. Having a body mass calculator is important because it allows you to know your BMI, which helps you change your lifestyle so that you can fall between 20 and 25.

Our bodies need some fat, but not too much. Men who do not have enough fat in their body, such as those who get ‘ripped’ down to about 4% to participate in bodybuilding contests, are at risk of low testosterone productions. On the other hand, women who have low fat levels are at risk of infertility and hormonal imbalance. Being overweight increases your chances of getting heart diseases, diabetes, some types of cancers, and osteoarthritis. The calculator helps doctors when they are treating and advising their patients on weight related issues.

Body mass calculators have come a long way and it is not possible to buy pocket size BMI calculators. These calculators are readily available online and stores that deal with diet supplies and exercise equipment. There are online programs such as the one by YSU that are easy-to-use – all you have to do is input your weight in kilograms and your height in meters.

Some unscrupulous traders are claiming to sell body mass calculators and such calculators turn out not to be reliable. Others are involved in criminal activities such as identity theft. You should only buy a body mass calculator from a credible online or offline store.

You should note that a body mass calculator does not measure the distribution of weight. Note that abdominal fat is associated with health problems such as heart ailments and diabetes – being pear-shaped is not as dangerous as being apple shaped.

When using a body mass calculator, you should note that body mass index alone is not a good indicator of the risk of obesity. You should take waist measurements too – if a woman’s waist circumference is greater than 32 inches or 80 centimeters and if a man’s waist circumference is greater than 37 inches or 94 inches, this is an indicator of obesity. The waist-hip ratio is also a good measurement of risk and anything above 1 for men and 0.8 for women is an indicator of weight problems. Staff