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February 2011

Alabama Hotline for Teen Drug Abuse

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Drug abuse hotline is a telephone helpline which offers help to those that call. Many of these services now offer more than telephone support - offering access to information, advice via telephone, email, web or SMS.

Help is usually offered by volunteers, but sometimes there are paid professionals on the other line. In any case, they all must be trained for drug abuse solutions. In most cases, services are available 24 hours per day, and are free of charge.

Many people find it easier to seek help this way, because it is just a phone call away. It is not just for people who desperately need help immediately. It is also for the people that just want to know something more about drugs, and the abuse of them. For the parents afraid for their children, and children to better understand the reasons why not to get involved with drugs.

Some people will prefer this type of getting information, because they don’t actually need to be seen on places, like drug abuse clinics or counseling. Even though there is nothing to be ashamed of, this is all right. Just call – that is why the drug abuse hotlines are there for.

If you are a teenager, and not ready to discuss this subject with your parents yet, this is a good first step. You can find some good tips over the hotline about approaching your parents with this problem. Perhaps you have a friend in need, and you don’t want to expose him, but want to help? Also can be good first step. Better than to do nothing.

It is not uncommon that some drug abuse centers and rehabilitations, beside other services, also provide drug abuse hotline for help.

Some of these centers in Alabama are:
Bradford Health Services - (800) 879-7272
Calhoun Cleburne Mental Health Center New Directions - (256) 236-8003, (256) 236-3403, (256) 236-8003
Northwest Alabama Treatment Center - (205) 805-3381
Birmingham Healthcare - (205) 941-4690, (205) 323-5311
Mountain View Hospital - Hotline: (800) 662-1002

Some drug abuse hotlines are specified just for that:
Drug A 24 Hour Abuse Abacus Hotline - (800) 839-7715
ALA-CALL/Substance Abuse Hotline   – 1 800 322-5525, also provides service for non-English-speaking callers.

Some of drug abuse hotlines are specified for certain types of drugs:
- (800) 771-5009 - The Cocaine Hotline provides 24-hour referrals and phone numbers of treatment centers to individuals with cocaine problems.
- Heroin Helpline: 1-866-HEROIN1 (1-866-437-6461)
- Ecstasy Helpline: 1-866-993-3869
- Marijuana Helpline: 1-800-708-4156
- Prescription Drugs Helpline: 1-866-569-7077

Before Calling a Drug Help Line:
- Try to find out what the substances abuse is (relevant if you are calling about a loved one) and gather any information about the extent of use (frequency, dosages/amounts, how long) you can.
- Information concerning the addict's state of mental health or whether they are suffering from any behavioral disorders or other co-occuring disorders will be useful.
- Be prepared to be honest about the extent of the drug use, the problems it is causing, and how serious the addict (or yourself) is about getting help.
- Be open and up-front about what your treatment goals are and ask questions until you understand the process and have enough information to make a good decision. Staff