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March 2010


by Staff, on active child, ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, child problem, impulsive, teenager

ADHD is defined as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; this disease affects the child
or the teenager of both sexes. But this condition usually shows up in younger children
compared to a teenager but if the child has ADHD they may still have it when they become a
teenager. Some of ADHD in teenager becomes worst compared when they were still young.
The identification of child with ADHD is fairly easy since the manifestations of this
condition really affect the way the child behaves either in school or at home. Controlling
their behavior is difficult, which could lead also to not paying attention to his/ her
surroundings. A child with ADHD is very difficult to handle because they cannot sit still
and they usually have a never ending energy to play and move. But still diagnosis of this
condition is not that simple, for the reason that some younger children are normally active
and playful. That is why it is very essential that when you notice that your child has
different behavior, take her/him to a doctor for a thorough evaluation and assessment
before making conclusions. Make also certain that you bring your child to a person
specializes in that field. By visiting the doctor, they may give you advices on how to
handle the child’s condition correctly.
There are three main characteristics of a child with Attention Deficit Hypersensitivity Disorder, they can either be, impulsive,
hyperactive, inattentive or the combination of the three. But the main characteristics of
this condition focused mainly on the child being super active. They tend to wander anywhere
and play everywhere. There studies are usually affected they can’t finish their homework
and other school things. Being in the classroom is also a major problem for them since they
cannot focused on the lecture easily, their mind and eyes wanders everywhere. Moreover,
mind wandering can be translated on what we call Daydreaming which is also a symptom of a
child having ADHD. Together with this they also become lethargic and spacey.
With regards to treatment of ADHD, it is best that you talked with your doctor, so that
he/she can give you alternatives and advices that will make you handle a child with ADHD
more easily. Staff