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July 2010

Abused Teenagers, Things They Go Through

by Staff, on abused teens, at risk blog, at risk youth, physical abuse, sexual abuse, teen abuse, types of abuse

It is a common fact that if we do something too much and too often, no matter how bad it is, people will sooner or later start ignoring it, or as some will say, we got used to it. Well, there are some things we can never, we should never, get used to, like child abuse or abuse in general. There is more to abuse than just physical abuse, hitting someone, there are plenty more forms of abuse that children go through today. Anything from physical abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse and even neglect is considered as abuse, and all of this can scar a child for life. A child that is neglected by his parents or guardians will never develop properly, so it is considered as abuse, and it should be, because in most cases neglect means not caring for the child, not providing basic needs like food, clothes and many other things.

We did start this with physical abuse so let’s talk about it for a while. It is the most common type of abuse and it is the easiest one to notice. We all know what falls under physical abuse so we won’t get into that, but do you know the effects of physical abuse on a person, besides physical damage? Kids that are abused physically mostly end up in two ways, they themselves become violent and abuse others, so it’s like a virus disease in some cases, or the total opposite, they become afraid, emotionally scarred and spend their life in fear and paranoia.

We also mentioned emotional abuse; this type of abuse is hard to notice. This type of abuse mostly comes from parents, but it can also come from other family members, friends and even teachers. The cause and effect of emotional abuse is a low self esteem and low self respect, such children are often scarred for life and this type of abuse can damage a child greatly, more than physical abuse.

Another form of abuse is sexual abuse, the most common type is rape, but there are other forms of sexual abuse, any case where a person is forced to have sex or engage in a sexual behavior is sexual abuse. Other forms of sexual abuse are sex between an adult and a minor and incest, sex between family members. This is one of the most feared types of abuse, as the consequences are many and each of them is terrible. Each type of sexual abuse carries it’s own weight and a person that has been through such an experience is very hard to work with, so the chances of going back to normal are very slim for some.

We also mentioned neglect, one of the most neglected types of abuse. It is very hard to notice this type of abuse, even harder to define it. Everything that you think is neglect of a child can be considered as neglect abuse if it goes on for a longer period of time. The worst type of neglect abuse is emotional neglect.

It is very hard to help teenagers that are abused because most often those children will try to avoid such subjects, you can rarely see an abused teen that wants to talk about what he has been through or to admit he is being abused. So the sad truth is that abuse is often discovered too late. Staff