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February 2011

A Whole Lot of Teenage Problems in Arizona

by Staff, on abuse, Arizona, drug, pregnancy, problems, substance, suicide, teen, teenage, teens

Teen age is the most puzzling age in our lifetime. Everything is changing so fast, that a young mind can get very confused and frightened by all the problem suddenly happened in life. First, the body will grow, skin will change and sometimes one can think he became someone else. New emotions will be found and first sympathies. Change of school and new adaptations… These are all problems that every adult remembers, as we all went through them.

Today, teenager is lucky if these are all the problems he will have to face during his teen years. Today, everything is different. This is the new age - a lot of changes happened in a past few decades and brought up different teen generations with a whole new list of problems. Because of that, we also have a lot of treatments for teenage problems.

Teenage problems in Arizona that are usually treated by professionals are:

Drug-addiction – teenagers in Arizona like to experiment with household products. It seems that, before trying other drugs, Arizona teens are most like to try on something that they have easier access to – prescription drugs. This doesn’t mean that other drugs are not an option, too.

Underage drinking – which results in tragic health, economic and social problems. It leads to alcohol poisoning, high risk sex, crimes, injuries, drowning, burns, traffic accidents, homicides and suicides. In 2007, the cost of underage drinking, paid by Arizona citizens, was 1.4 billion $.

Teen depression – much bigger problem than it may seem. It is not just a bad mood, or occasional sadness. Present in every day’s life of a teenager, if neglected and mistreated, it may lead to serious consequences and other problems we already mentioned. Parents should learn how to recognize and understand it, as it is usually different than depression in adults.

There are also treatments for: ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), learning and eating disorders, bipolar disorders, fearfulness, rebelliousness, disobedience, anxiety etc…

There are also:
Teenage pregnancy – Arizona has substantial problem with teen pregnancy as it is among top 5 states for years, and it doubles the nationwide percentage. The reasons can be socioeconomic factors, lack of sex-education programs and the high cost or unavailability of contraceptives. Young parent are often forced to drop out of school and take some low paying job, never finishing education.

Runaway teenagers – most teens usually don’t run to some place, but run from something. It may be situation in home and family, school, problems they are afraid or not prepared to face... Fortunately, most of them just hide at friend’s house and return home after few days, but is significant number that never comes back. Parents should learn warning signs, and be prepared of what to do if their child is missing, and also how to behave when he or she comes back home.

Suicide – The most horrifying one, as result of other problems we mentioned above. It is third leading cause of death among young people, and it comes before homicide for the people in Arizona. Prevention begins with learning of many signs of suicide. Staff