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February 2011

A Short Parenting Guide for Arizona Parents

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There is not really a guide that can apply to all parents, since it is a very vide topic. As children are different, so are the parents. Some will expect more from their children, some will be happy as long their kids are live and healthy. Still, we can try to summon some basics that can apply to all average families.

First and basic is that your child is your responsibility and you have to be there for him. You are his guardian, financial provider and his best friend. You are the one that set up rules, give punishments and give examples. You have to be his counselor and the one he turns to for help. It is important that your child knows that he can approach to you without fear if he has done something wrong.

So, first you have to teach your children right from wrong. This has to be done when they are still little, you can’t expect for them to realize it from their experience, when they have none. If you let them make decisions, there is a good chance that they will be wrong, especially if you haven’t already explained them the consequences of their possible actions. Children usually tend to take the easy way of doing thing.

This mostly applies to education, money spending, internet behavior, using alcohol and drugs, having sex early... As a parent in Arizona, try to find out what are the potential problems your children may get in to. Underage drinking, or prescription drugs abuse, for example, are some of the problems. In this case, you need to monitor your children’s behavior, who are they hanging with, are they showing any symptoms. Visit some counseling on a topic, together with your children. Make them understand problem before it emerges.

Children in Arizona are often lied to by their children. Do not be naive. Until you are totally positive that your child never lies to you, don’t take everything for granted. A little dose of suspicion can be protective, to you and your child, especially when they enter teen age. They may not be honest to you because of the fear that you might not approve their actions.

You want to teach your children everything you can, and give them all the answers, but sometimes even you will not have them. It is all right to say that, instead of avoiding the answer. You can suggest to them to find the answer together. Don’t pretend to know everything and to know everything best, because no one does, and it can only make you in the trouble. On some matters it can turn out that kids have the answer we need. As we want them to listen to us, we should also heat what they have to say.

Do not hit your children, you will send a wrong message: that it is all right to resolve things with violence and it is ok to hit someone you love. This can resolve in your older child hitting the younger, or often go into fights with other children. Violent behavior will certainly get them into a trouble in school. There is enough violence on streets of Arizona already.

There is much, much more to be learned about parenting, so it might be a good idea to enroll in some parenting class. There are plenty of them in Arizona. Staff