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July 2010

A New Threat for Boys, the Adonis Complex

by Staff, on adonis complex, at risk blog, at risk youth, self worth, the adonis complex

Over the years our looks have been emphasized and pushed to the limits, it is not enough that we have to deal with teen and child obesity, but we also have to worry if all that pressure coming from the media will make our children the total opposite. We have the right to be worried, after all that is exactly what is happening. From one side we have experts telling us that our children are obese and they are explaining consequences of obesity from both health and social perspective. On the other side we have tabloids, news magazines, health magazines, TV shows and about everything else showing us pictures of extremely well built men. So when you think about it, it is not unnatural for our teenage boys to want to look like a poster guy with mighty abs and great muscles, which is the part where we talk about the Adonis Complex.

Adonis Complex is basically an eating disorder for boys, which is the same as anorexia is for girls. Although they are too different types and Adonis Complex covers much more problems than anorexia, they both appear because of the same reasons; teenagers wanting to look good, teenager not satisfied with how they look at the moment and want to look better. As for girls the standard is to lose weight and look like models, for boys it’s a bit different, the current golden standard is have muscles like a gladiator, and you can see more and more teenager built like they came out of a Terminator movie. When you look at teen starts like Taylor Lautner it is no wonder that other teen boys want to look like him. But the fact is that not all of us can achieve that with exercise, so most teens that are obsessing with their looks end up using steroids.

Adonis Complex is not only associated with steroids, in fact it describes the whole unhealthy process of teen boys wanting to be like some of their unrealistic role models. That simply can’t be achieved with workout, so they go on unhealthy diets; they use excessive exercise methods and end up feeling depressed because they realize it will not happen for them. That is when they start taking steroids and start destroying their health completely. In recent studies was shown that teen boys actively practicing any sport are less likely to use steroids than an average teen boy who isn’t much in contact with sport. That is simply because athlete teenagers have been told countless of times the consequences of using steroids, so it’s all about early education.

Which leads to helping your child if you notice that he has some of the symptoms mentioned above, like overly exercising, unhealthy eating, preoccupation with his appearance and of course using dietary supplements and steroids? There are two steps, first is to educate your child about the negative effects of such behavior and steroids, which is something you need to start early. The second is to try and get your boys confidence up, his self worth is all that ties him to the normal life. Once teenagers start having low self worth they will go to these desperate measures for people to like them and recognize them as men. Staff