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November 2010

A Guide for Parents of Teenagers

by Staff, on at risk youth, guide for parents, guide for parents of teens, parents guide, teen parenting guide

There is always some issue between parents and teens, which is just normal. Some parents have an easy time while other struggle to raise their teens. The same goes for teenagers, some consider that they have great parents while other ascots can’t stand theirs.

We decided to create a little do’s and don’t guide for parents to handle their teen children and raise them in an appropriate manner. So let’s first focus on what to do:

-    Whenever your teen shows desirable type of behavior you should praise him or reward him this is the first step of positive parenting
-    Lead by example. The only way to expect your teens to behave positively is to set a proper example. This goes for everything you want from your child, you can’t ask for something you yourself can’t be used as an example or role model
-    Once you set your rules keep to them, you can’t expect your teens to follow the rules if you break them every now and then
-    If you make a mistake admit it, make sure that your teen knows that you are capable of making a mistake and even more importantly that you are able to admit it and take responsibility.
-    Develop constant communication with your teen. Ask regular questions each day, like how was their day etc. This will establish a relationship of trust and communication as it will let your teen know that you care for him and wish to know what is going in your teen’s life, which will make it much easier for you to talk to your teen if there is any problem.
-    Listen to what your teen has to say. Pay attention to his emotions and his point of view, that is the only way you will be able to understand the situation and where your teen is coming from.

On the other hand there is a smaller list of things you should never do:

-    Never over criticize your teen. We all do bad things, none of us is perfect, including you and your teen. There is always good and bad, so don’t just stick to the bad. It’s ok to criticize when it’s due, but don’t ever overdo it. Keep a balance between praising your child and criticizing.
-    We already said that you need to be a role model, so don’t ever say one thing and teach them to do something that you yourself don’t respect and do the opposite. Like smoking, it’s hard to teach your child not to smoke when you smoke.
-    We said to be consistent, so once you make a rule stick to it, don’t ever break it and don’t change the rules often.
-    When you make a mistake you should recognize it, never deny your mistakes in front of your teen as that will lead to the backfire effect.
-    You should never ignore your child’s moods. Depression, moodiness, anxiety, they can all be signs of a greater issue, so don’t just write them off as typical teen behavior.

That’s about it, a short guide for parents of teens. Of course if this was all that is needed to be a good parent all of our teens would be happy little elves, but it’s not. There is much more to know that only life can teach you, but this is a good pointer that will help you deal with your teens in a great way. Staff