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September 2010

5 Most Common Issues Parents Have to Deal with Their Teens

by Staff, on at risk blog, at risk youth, most common teen issues, teen issues

When we say 5 most common issues people will automatically think about drug abuse, other types of substance abuse, low grades and school problems and any other tough situation that might pop into your head. But the fact is that they are not near the top five most common issues parents deal with every day when their teenagers are in question, they are more common then you can imagine and I’m sure they will get each and everyone of you on a personal level, maybe not all, but at least 2 out of this 5 will.

The most common issue most of the parents have to deal with their kids is that everything is a drama with them. Yes, they are going to a process of becoming adults and everything is mixed up and they are overly sensitive. Some things that you may find to be normal and ordinary might get a totally different reaction from them, so don’t be alarmed.

Another well known teen issue most parents have is the fact that their children are hanging out with kids the parents don’t approve of and don’t like. But the fact is that more we push them about it the worse it becomes, and sometimes parents are at fault here. Just because a teen has greasy hair, or dresses in a way we don’t like doesn’t mean that he is bad for our kid. We have to know those kids before we make up our mind.

Of course, what parent didn’t have to deal at least once with worries because his child stayed out too late! You have to understand that teens will test your limits every chance they get, so once your child is home, do what needs to be done to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. Ground them.

A very popular issue in the past two years is that our children are getting run by technology, yes, their lives are influenced by cell phones, computers and internet. By using too much they are starting to forget the art of communication face to face with real people standing in front of them. So try to limit their gadget use to a normal level as much as you can.

The last issue we discussed just a while ago, it feels like your teen hates you. It happens to all of us, that is just their way of teens expressing their defiance and emotions.

These are the 5 top issues every parent has to deal with when their children are in question. All of these issues can be dealt with a little effort and positive discipline, sometimes all we need to do is listen to our kids. Staff